Our Courses

 Rise with Quran is a global online academy specialized in teaching the Holy Quran, Tajweed, Arabic language and Islamic studies online for all Muslims all over the world.

The Educational courses


Preparative course to fluent Recitation

To read Quran properly and fluently, Rise with Quran Academy provides you this remarkable course


Improvement your Quranic sound

Rise with Quran encourages you to be in the company of noble purified angles through perfect recitation of the Holy Quran


Memorization and perfection

Rise with Quran is well known with the best ways of memorization the Noble Quran.


Accomplishment of your reciting fully

This course is consisted of some classes to recite the whole Quran fully.


Getting Ijazah

Rise with Quran Academy invites you to be linked to the prophet in recitation and memorization of the holy Quran.


Arabic Language

Arabic language for kids and beginners

Intermediate levels

in the following Steps You will enrich your vocabulary storage with multiple words and expressions used in the Arabic language.


Quranic Arabic course

Rise with Quran provides many of services in the realm of studying Qur’an and Arabic language.


Conversational Arabic

Rise with Quran Academy is interested in evaluating your standard of Arabic conversation in all means of online teaching.

Islamic studies courses

in the following Steps You will enrich your vocabulary storage with multiple words and expressions used in the Arabic language.


Islamic studies courses

As a Muslim, to know about Allah the Almighty, his prophet (peace be upon him) and basics of Islam like


Pure authentic Aqeedah

Allah the almighty has created us to know and worship his sincerely. Rise Academy adopts the methods of Sunni scholars in teaching the Islamic monotheism


Islamic Practices (Fiqh of worships)

Easily and effectively, you can learn how to practice worships in your daily life following the footsteps of the prophet


The prophetic Sira and Islamic History

This course is a blessed valuable step in our life, as heart will feel the great blessing of being a Muslim in the Ummah of the greatest honorable Messenger

Educational courses

Islamic teachings are valuable and important to be taught for our children all over the ages. Rise Academy is specialized in teaching the Islamic ethics and morals for your Kids

Other courses

You can study a lot of courses of Islamic tradition “turath”. Usul Al-Fiq, Ulum Al-Quran, Hadith Terminology etc. for those who are interested in the Islamic studies in authentic approaches by the tutors of Al-Azjar university. This is considered as the best remarkable section provided for all Muslims by Rise with Quran Academy.